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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

More Bloodbowl

And here are the rest of the team, mostly.

Line Orc #6, Skuzza, is such a nippy player that his photo was really blurry, so he is missing. There's nothing like putting them up next to each other to note the identical poses, eh? I've tried to vary the paint schemes enough, sticking within the palette, to make them distinctive.

Will try to snap a couple of action shots next time they take to the field!

#7 - Frakka, Line Orc

#8 - Brozza, Line Orc

#9 - Roksh, Line Orc 


#10 - Uggra, Line Orc

#11 - Moggrum, Line Orc

#12 - Lobba, Thrower

#13 - Chukka, Thrower