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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

More Bloodbowl

And here are the rest of the team, mostly.

Line Orc #6, Skuzza, is such a nippy player that his photo was really blurry, so he is missing. There's nothing like putting them up next to each other to note the identical poses, eh? I've tried to vary the paint schemes enough, sticking within the palette, to make them distinctive.

Will try to snap a couple of action shots next time they take to the field!

#7 - Frakka, Line Orc

#8 - Brozza, Line Orc

#9 - Roksh, Line Orc 


#10 - Uggra, Line Orc

#11 - Moggrum, Line Orc

#12 - Lobba, Thrower

#13 - Chukka, Thrower

Sunday Night Bloodbowl

As mentioned last post, it's a new Bloodbowl season, and I'm fielding Orcs. Waaagh!

Andy Lawhammer - coach of the the Salzenmund Seahawks  is running things, and we kicked off on Sunday with a few friendlies. The New Orcland Hate-riots scored a 3-0 loss to the elven Laurelorn Lions - though we won on casualties! - and a hard fought 1-1 draw against the Rune Forged dwarves.

This spurred me on to paint up my ladz - albeit quickly - and here are the first batch: the heavy hitters:

#1 - Gurfang, Black Orc Blocker

#2 - Tufslab, Black Orc Blocker

#4 - Bloodjaw, Blitzer

#5 - Grimsnarl, Blitzer

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Von Bloodbowl

That's right, Sports fans! Jim and Bob here with exciting news.

Not 'arf Jim! New season, new signings: exciting times ahead for Blood Bowl! 

So Games Workshop released a new version of Blood Bowl. It's no secret I'm a fan. I've had many teams over the years, from the ill-starred Black Water Bad Boys, to the surprisingly successful San Fernando Gold Diggers. So when Andy Lawhammer got the new game for his birthday, a new league was on the cards.

I picked up a set this week, and I've decided to go for an Orc team this season. As with my poorly converted and scarcely fielded Marienburg Stealers, NFL team puns are a must for Blood Bowl teams. I rattled through a few options, before settling on...

The New Orcland Hate-Riots.

Now, I'm doing this on my iPad, and Blogger hates iPads, so all the pictures will follow this text dump. :)

I've only painted the one lineman for now, as a proof of concept, but I like the look. Went for the Patriots' rough colour scheme: blue torso, silver/grey helmet and legs, with red and white detailing. I went for a lighter blue, because Blood Bowl, and I improvised the axe-logo to add a splash of red and white to the shoulders.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the look. Will try to get some more painted this week, so the Hate-Riots can take to the field, resplendent in their livery.

It was THIS big!

Where'd he go?